SABINA project

SABINA is an EU funded H2020 research and innovation project that aims to develop new technology and financial models to connect, control and actively manage generation and storage assets to exploit synergies between electrical flexibility and the thermal inertia of buildings.

SABINA tutorials

TUTORIALS BASICS are covering following topics:

  • SABINA general introduction – key facts & objectives, test sites, impact
  • SABINA key topics:
    • High quality models for thermal mass exploitation in buildings
    • Model predictive control (MPC) at the building level for the maximisation of the usage of renewable energy
    • Novel generation of Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) usage in distribution network
    • Aggregator tool managing the available flexibility in the energy market
    • Novel business models

TUTORIALS ADVANCED are covering following topics:

  • SABINA project overview, objectives & ontology
  • SABINA soltution:
    • PV production prediction models
    • Building energy simulation models
    • PV inverter algorithm
    • Algorithm for optimal HVAC control
    • IFDA & MIDA
  • SABINA implementation:
    • SABINA deployment and technology interoperability
    • Market potential of SABINA technology


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